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Форум » buy indoor grow tent fans

02.04.2018 05:01
Company information
Dongguan Luyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd.Grow tent leader was established in 2003, located in China the Dongguan Wangniudun town.Specialized in PEVA Products ----- friendly grow tents top factory with the 25,000 square.
Factory view(1)
There are 800 employees in our company, much more than 200 professional design manufacture technical and marketing team members with the grow tent project.
grow tent composite process workroom (2)

We have advanced composite fabric process 15 years in the grow tent so that can cay leader in this industry.It's very most important that the second floors raw materials come from the friendly -PEVA who is that can biodegradable.
grow tent raw materials (3)
grow tent raw materials cutting workroom(4)
grow tent Sewing workroom(5)
Here is our clear grow tent some parts of the Sewing workroom. as so far as we have 80 sets automatic sewing machine and much more than 100 employees who that can make much more than 10000pcs with the diffenent size grow tent.buy indoor grow tent fans
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