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Форум » wholesale auto seal

02.04.2018 05:01
As one of the best Oil Seal Manufacturers, we have more than 15 years experience in Mitsubishi Toyota Hilux crankshaft oil seal. with the good quality and reasonable price. we also have full exprience in cooperation with some big customers.
CompanyChongqing City Xundola Rubber Parts Co.,Ltd.
Product nameMitsubishi Toyota Hilux crankshaft oil seal
ColorBlack, red, yellow, blue, orange, brown, white, purple
ShapeSerrated, Grooved, Corrugated, flat, ring, others
Hardness30-90 shore
Temperature Range'-30~250°C
Heat/cold/chemical/Ozone /wearing resistant
Multiple styles/colors/models(more than 4000)
Wide usage, High quality, Soft and good elasticity
Easy to compress, easy to recover
PackagingCartons + poly bag as customer requirement
NBRFuel tank, grease-box, hydraulic, gasoline, water, silicone oil, etc
SILAppliance: electric kettle, electric iron, Microwave owen, etc
Keypad, heat shock in DVD, cable connector
CRAs Seals for R12 refrigerating fluid/appliance; as component of facing
EPDMSanitary ware; brake; radiator
SBRTyre; shoes; rubberize fabric or conveyer,etc
HNBRFridge, automobile engine, etc
OIL SEAL STRUCTURE AND TYPEwholesale auto seal
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